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Visa & Passport DNA Testing

Genetic (DNA) Testing Procedures for Visa Applicants

We have extensive experience in the assisting with the following petitions and visa services:

Temporary/Non-Immigrant Visas:

Passport-Visa-pic• Tourist
• Business
• Student
• Temporary work permits and employment-based visas (priority or skilled workers) investor visas.
• To qualify for immigration in the employment-based category, a specific offer of employment from a U.S. based employer is required.

Immigrant Visas:

• Permanent immigrants
• Returning permanent residents (K visas & V visas),
• Diversity visas (DV)
• Visa lottery,
• Voter registration
• Income tax filing of Americans residing in or visiting foreign countries.
• An immigrant visa may only be processed for a child if he or she has no claim to U.S. citizenship.

Family-Based Visas:

• Newborn babies abroad
• Marriage-based visas
• Affidavits of support (form I – 864)
• Adoption visas, DS-117 form, DS-230 form, SB-one, I-130 petition forms for spouses and children (“beneficiary”)
• Petitions from us citizens for their immediate relatives (parents, brother, sister, children, stepparent or stepchildren) spouses of deceased U.S citizens, orphans, including those of us parents, adopted abroad by a U.S. citizen.

Special Immigrants:

• Certain religious workers and ministers of religion.
• Priority workers: persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, arts, business or athletics; outstanding professors and researchers and certain multinational executives and managers or professionals with advanced degrees.
• Professionals must hold an advanced degree or equivalent, or baccalaureate degree plus at least 5 years of progressive experience in the specialty.
• Skilled & other workers: skilled workers with at least 2 years training or experience and unskilled workers whose skills are in short supply in the U.S.
• Note: The U.S. embassy and consulates in India do not keep a list of these professions.
• Special immigrants: certain religious workers and ministers of religion, certain international organization employees and their immediate family members, qualified and recommended current and former employees of the U.S. government.
• Investors: Persons who will create employment for at least ten unrelated persons by investing a minimum of $1,000,000 in a new commercial enterprise in the U.S.


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